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We are dedicated to respecting human rights, supporting diversity and improving the communities where we live and work.

Human Rights and Conflict Minerals

Verifone is dedicated to upholding fair labor practices and respecting the human rights of workers. We will not use or tolerate the use of forced labor, slavery or human trafficking in our business operations or supply chain. We expect our suppliers and partners to adopt sound human rights practices to eradicate all forms of forced labor and human trafficking, as well as complying with all applicable compensation and benefits, working hours, labor, health and safety, discrimination, harassment and retaliation laws. View additional information on our position and the UK Modern Slavery Act.

Verifone’s Supplier Code of Conduct includes additional information and our expectations on Conflict Minerals (i.e., tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold) in our supply chain. It is our policy to avoid the use of Conflict Minerals sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo or surrounding countries that contribute to armed conflict in the region. We expect our suppliers to exercise due diligence to reasonably assure that any Conflict Minerals in the parts or components provided do not directly or indirectly finance or benefit such armed conflict.

Health & Safety

Verifone’s Statement of Health and Safety Policy sets out our commitment to provide and maintain safe working conditions for our employees and others who may be affected by our activities.

We ensure that the objectives of this statement are communicated to our employees, initially through induction training and our Health and Safety Handbook. We also monitor progress towards these objectives at senior management level and annual review.

The policy is supported by our health and safety management system, which details our arrangements for the effective management of our significant risks and exposures. This includes detailed policies and procedures, our process for assessing risk and our arrangements for emergencies (e.g., fire, first aid).

We recognize that the key to successful health and safety management is to ensure each employee is competent to carry out their responsibilities. To this end we have developed and implemented a training program which identifies training needs based on the results of our risk assessments.

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Education & Professional Development

Verifone values training, education and professional development. We continue to expand our investment in career development in order to support the professional and personal success of our employees. Verifone works actively with our eLearning partner and the eLearning program features regularly updated courses on a wide variety of topics including compliance, technology and leadership skill building. The curriculum includes annual compliance training for employees on key topics including our Code of Conduct, Anti-Harassment, data protection, cybersecurity and other governance polices.


At Verifone, we foster a culture that respects and values individual contributions and differences that inspire innovation, leadership and exceptional performance. We understand that supporting a diverse and inclusive work environment is important to our success and growth as a company.


Verifone's reach is widespread and touches communities all over the world. We respect the contributions of our neighbors, colleagues and consumers in each of these places, and strive to uphold our company's values to the highest degree no matter where we are.

Read our latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

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