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Kiosks & Unattended


The ultimate in unattended payment solutions.

Whether you’re looking for self-service devices or want to combine customer-operated terminals with traditional point of sale, Verifone has you covered. Select from our diverse portfolio of complete kiosk solutions—countertop, wall mounted or freestanding—or our modular payment components—card/contactless readers, PIN pads. All are designed to create secure, fast, reliable, and interactive self-service experiences

Made for your business needs

  • Purposeful design

    Built for the most rugged of environments to ensure optimal performance and reliability, our stylish solutions are flexible enough for any footprint.
  • lock in front of a shield

    Maximum security

    Incorporates stringent security standards and anti-vandalism measures to protect sensitive customer information.
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    Seamless integration

    Modular components allow you to create a customizable solution to meet demands of unattended environments.

Verifone® Pit-Stop, the latest in safe, secure, contactless payment solutions for drive-thru payments. Perfect for QSRs, pharmacies or any other environment that provides drive-thru services requiring payment.

  • Drive thru wall mounted contactless payment device


    Safely and easily accept contactless payments right in the drive-thru lane.

To withstand fierce competition, convenience stores are offering a wide variety of foodservices. Customers are demanding foods for immediate consumption, healthy selections, and more personalized choices. Our self-order kiosk and kitchen management system gives customers more control of their food selection while delivering faster service with greater accuracy.

  • photo of Verifone iOrder point of sale on a convenience store counter. Verifone iOrder, Foodservice Kiosk, Self-Order Kiosk, Convenience Store Kiosk, C-Store Kiosk


    iOrder foodservice kiosk designed specifically with the convenience retailer in mind.

Verifone’s new line of stylish kiosks provide a secure, interactive experience for your customers - and create additional revenue for you. Perfect for everything from endless aisles to order customization, retail to hospitality and beyond.

  • Verifone's K250 countertop kiosk is great for retail, hospitality or almost any environment.


    Ultra slim countertop kiosk perfect for increasing customer engagement.

  • Wall mounted 27" kiosk displaying the men's clothing store logo, "Strand", men's shirts on hangers and Verifone's P400 payment device mounted to the kiosk


    The K450 provides a larger screen size with multiple configurations to choose from.

Modular, self-service solutions that provide secure and reliable transactions ideal for parking areas, vending machines, public transportation, and other unattended environments.

  • ux 410

    UX 410

    Standalone solution that provides secure and reliable NFC payments.

  • ux 100

    UX 100/110

    Add PIN functionality to optimize self-service environments & expand payment options.

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