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Healthcare for your device estate.

Device Diagnostics

Securely diagnose and maintain your device estate.

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    The Big Picture

    Immediately know the hardware and software health of all devices in your estate from a single dashboard.
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    Keeping your estate healthy

    Whether managing devices locally or globally, the health of your estate has never been easier to monitor and maintain.
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    Forward Motion

    Predictive analytics help merchants diagnose and proactively resolve issues keeping stores running smoothly and client experiences running high.
A new level of health monitoring
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Providing merchants more capabilities than ever when it comes to estate health management."

The "Care" dashboard provides estate level summaries of health by severity, software updates and version status, and device models and age status. Aggregated views provide immediate insights while intuitive widgets readily identify the health of software and hardware. Dashboard severity-based alerts enable merchants to quickly focus on top issues.

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Diagnostic Dashboard

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Software health

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Hardware Health

Device Search provides a targeted search of devices that returns a report with clear visual health indicators in red/amber/green. Notifications are immediately generated and sent to subscribed users when critical events are detected. Special alert icons quickly identify the reported conflict providing the detail needed for quick resolution.

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Device Search

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Severity Alerts

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Alert Notifications

It’s Verifone. It’s safe. Rest assured all levels of Verifone security, governance and PCI compliance are included in Device Diagnostics and every asset of Verifone Cloud Services. From secure connectivity and communication to version and release management, merchants can be confident in their investment.

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Peace of mind

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