ux 400
High-tech, self-service payment solution

UX 400/401

Weatherproof device. Contactless payments.

  • A wrench and a pencil crosses together to form a letter X

    Purposeful design

    Dependable, weatherproof, and virtually maintenance-free. The anti-vandalism enclosure offers maximum protection against harsh elements.
  • Bill going back into wallet

    Cost effective

    From mobile wallets to the wave of a card, the UX 400/401 satisfies the need for secure and rapid contactless transactions.
  • Padlock in front of a shield

    Maximum security

    The UX 400/401 combined with UX 300/301 is PCI 4.x certified, meets international security requirements and features SRED secured NFC/CTLS.
man paying in front of a vending machine
Just a tap or a wave away.
DESIGNED FOR OUTDOOR use, the simple, durable design is ideal for unattended, high-transaction-volume environments such as on-street parking meters, and ticketing machines.
Diamond to represent durability
Extreme durability
Puzzle pieces
Seamless integration
bluetooth 2
paying with mobile on ticketing machine
A peripheral that’s spotlight-ready.
As contactless transactions take center stage, the UX 400/401 stands ready to accept a variety of payment methods, from mobile wallets to the wave of a card. And, no software is required since everything is driven by a UX 300/301 master.
Always ready, the maintenance-free device features a power-saving system wakeup on card tapping, along with customer-friendly LED and audio guidance.
Cell phone emitting signals to make a payment
NFC/CTLS enabled
Wallet in front of a mobile phone
Accepts mobile wallets
Unmatched versatility


Optional Accessories

SAM slots

Connectivity / Communications

Ethernet | USB ports


Optional ; Pair with UX modules

Payment Acceptance



PCI PTS 4.x approved


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