Man in a men's designer shirt store selecting style, fabric, size, etc for a shirt using a Verifone K450 pole mounted kiosk.
Versatility meets versatility



  • Image representing flexibility in design for Verifone's kiosk use design options.

    Flexible in design

    Single sided, double sided, wall mount, pole mount – select the design that suits your space.
  • Customized to your business

    Retail, hospitality, custom ordering, online ordering – select the experience to support the journey.
  • Services for any journey

    Estate management, omnichannel, ecommerce and more – Verifone Cloud Services are made to order.
Image of a wall mounted 27" screen kiosk with an image of a men's shirt selection on the screen

More than 60% of customers expect kiosks, and prefer to use self-service check-out methods."

The K450’s beautiful design and large 27” screen creates a powerful magnetic customer attraction. Bring your brand to life with rich graphics that are eye-catching and dynamically disrupt traffic patterns. Reduce lost sales due to non-inventory items while improving the customer experience and creating new sources of revenue. With the power of OakOS, effective up-selling is only a touch away, providing your customers with additional choices that match their selections. And ADA and DDA compliance helps provide great experiences for customers of all needs.

Dynamic Disruption

New Revenue Stream

Accessibility icon (person in wheelchair)

Accessible Experiences

The high ROI of kiosks increases revenue per employee across your business, allowing valuable personnel to be shifted to other key areas. Easily and securely route data and power lines, keeping sensitive components securely locked inside the patented chassis design. Verifone’s trusted payment devices ensure all transactions are secure, meeting the latest in PCI compliance requirements.

Line drawing of a leader pointing to a board in front of his/her team.

Labor Efficiency

Easy Installation

PCI Compliance



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