Carbon Mobile 5 transaction
All-in-one, single-screen commerce solution

Carbon Mobile 5

Accelerate business: mobility + payment + commerce

  • One powerful, portable device

    In the palm of your hand, Carbon Mobile 5 enables checkout and the ability to run Android apps, like point of sale, loyalty and inventory management.
  • Personalization for tier 1

    Carbon Mobile 5 supports integrations with existing systems and supports in-aisle sales, clienteling and endless aisle solutions.
  • A step up for SMBs

    With one simple device, Carbon Mobile 5 provides a powerful solution for SMBs who want to consolidate operations, CRM programs and payments.
Carbon Mobile 5 scanning item

Our merchants are increasingly focused on improving & personalizing the in-store customer experience.

Verifone is investing in the future of mobile commerce solutions, and Carbon Mobile 5 is at the forefront. With a full range of technologies from WiFi 4G LTE to Bluetooth 4.2 low energy, the Carbon Mobile 5 is powerful, customizable, scalable and durable—setting up forward-thinking merchants for years to come.


Dual-band WiFi


The Carbon family goes beyond payments with Verifone Cloud Services, an end-to-end product that not only enables payment acceptance, but allows businesses to increase customer engagement and drive efficiency. From payment services to estate management to merchant and consumer apps, Cloud Services give merchants—big or small—the ability to manage and grow their business.

The foundation of Carbon Mobile 5 is Verifone Trusted Android, a locked-down version of Android 7. With cardholder data secured by Verifone’s Engage payment engine, Carbon Mobile 5 provides merchants safe access to the Android developer ecosystem and the ability to integrate business apps with existing systems.

Long-lasting battery

HD LCD touchscreen





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