Hotel and Resort

A Secure Payment Infrastructure for Hotel and Lodging Venues


Convenience and Security for Transactions on Your Properties

As the number and type of transactions increases, so does concern over security, accuracy and efficiency. Our solutions enable safe and efficient management of varied touch points throughout your facility.

Made for your business needs

  • NFC and EMV Support

    Full NFC and chip and PIN (EMV) support
  • Customer Experience

    Enhanced customer experience including loyalty programs
  • Deliver value

    Improved operational efficiencies

From spa services to room service, poolside, beachside or even at the lounge, your guests will enjoy quick, efficient, and secure payment. Your operations team can eliminate the time and potential errors involved with reconciling paper slips for out-of-room services.


With pay-at-the-table, wait staff will see an increase in tips because your customers are more engaged.  Verifone enables faster table turns by allowing customers to pay with their cards, mobile wallets or wearables at the time the check is presented.  EMV support is built into every Verifone terminal ensuring that your restaurant or hotel operation is protected against the rising cost of chargebacks. 

  • vx690

    VX 690

    On-the-go, integrated, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi enabled payment solution.

  • V400m

    Discover Verifone V400m

    All in one connectivity enables absolute portability.

  • Verifone portable payment device


    The T650p is the latest in Verifone's Trinity family of Android payment devices.

Our range of countertop and PIN pad solutions are designed with convenience, security, and simplicity in mind. From basic payment acceptance to more advanced features and functionality, these devices provide merchants with the tools and flexibility they need to operate efficiently and effectively.

  • p200


    Affordable, lightweight, durable multi-payment acceptance, high-speed PIN pad.

  • VX 805

    Discover Verifone VX 805

    An EMV PIN pad that supports a full range of card and transaction types.

  • VX 820

    VX 820

    All-inclusive, touchscreen PIN pad with stylish design and high-performance processor.

  • V400c

    Discover Verifone V400c

    A high-end, touchscreen countertop solution

  • v200c

    Discover Verifone V200c

    Smart, affordable countertop solution wrapped in an elegant design.

  • VX 520

    VX 520

    The VX 520 is a reliable, rugged countertop POS device that's built to last.

Having customer service issues with incorrect orders? Explore order confirmation screens that not only assist with making sure that orders are correct, but also increase revenue by upselling.  Help influence customers' buying decisions by showing targeted videos, promotions, loyalty engagement or even utilize the electronic signature capture feature.  

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