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Payment Services

Payments are a complex business. Verifone Payment Services offer a simple, secure and flexible way to address your payment needs.

Separate business of payments from technology of payments

In a traditional payments environment, making any change to your payment ecosystem involves big technology changes that comes at a huge cost. By choosing Verifone, you make a single flexible connection that opens the world of payment options to you that doesn’t have to change with your business changes.

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  • Carbon 10

    Carbon 10

    Carbon opens up new opportunities for merchants and better experiences for customers.

  • Carbon 8 image

    Carbon 8

    Carbon 8 provides meaningful experiences at the counter and on the go.

  • e285 image


    A standalone mobile point of sale device for secure payment acceptance anywhere.

  • e355


    Highly flexible mPOS device adapts to current- and next generation smart devices.

  • p400


    Advanced, high performance PIN pad with rich multimedia and commerce capabilities.

  • vx 820 duet

    VX 820 duet

    A dual-user, feature-rich countertop POS that meets merchant and consumer needs.

  • VX 820

    VX 820

    All-inclusive, touchscreen PIN pad with stylish design and high-performance processor.

  • m400


    Sleek, multilane POS device with advanced commerce and personalization capabilities.

  • m400


    Sleek, multilane POS device with advanced commerce and personalization capabilities.

  • V240m


  • V400m


    All in one connectivity enables absolute portability.

  • VX 675

    VX 675

    Pay anytime, anywhere with portable, secure, color-display POS device.

  • vx680

    VX 680

    Delivers wireless connection through GPRS, WiFi/Bluetooth combo, or 3G.

  • vx690

    VX 690

    On-the-go, integrated, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi enabled payment solution.

  • ux 100

    UX 100/110

    Add PIN functionality to optimize self-service environments & expand payment options.

  • ux 301

    UX 301

    Increase transaction volume & speed by accepting a variety of card payments.

  • ux 401

    UX 401

    Be ready for NFC-enabled payments, quick ID confirmation or other CTLS transactions.


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