Couple window-shopping

Multi-lane Retail

Get to know your customers better than ever before via check-ins, loyalty, and rewards.


Stay competitive with the latest in retailing and mobile POS

We help the world's largest (and smallest) retailers implement payment, security, mobile, and multimedia solutions that drive real business to the bottom line. Our solutions are geared towards helping you take advantage of the latest multi-channel, mobile and alternative payment methods, while preparing for prospective opportunities. We can also help you control your payment infrastructure and reduce PCI DSS scope.

Create new ways to expand your business

  • mWallet and loyalty programmes

    New payment schemes and mobile wallets are launching daily. We enable acceptance at your POS without the headache.
  • Quick, easy and sophisticated

    Quick, easy and sophisticated

    Keep customers happy with fast-moving queues. Deliver the best experience with a mobile and tablet-based POS or easily add it to an existing system.
  • Videos and custom content

    Videos and custom content

    Our cloud-based systems, connectivity and full colour screens turn the POS into a point of interaction with coupons, offers, social media and more.