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WEEE & RoHS Compliance and Recycling Information

Verifone shares the global concerns over electronic products getting into landfills, causing contamination of ground water and other environmental issues. By placing restrictions on the use of certain heavy metals, contamination from electronic waste is reduced.

What is WEEE?

WEEE is Directive 2002/96/EC of the European Parliament on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The WEEE directive mandates the collection and treatment of electronic and electrical equipment at end-of-life. Producers of EEE products will face strict new compliance rules for collection, dismantling and recovery of waste equipment across ten broad categories, including IT and telecoms, electrical tools and instrumentation products. This portion of the legislation went into effect August 13, 2005 with non-compliance resulting in penalties.

What is RoHS?

Under the RoHS Directive, the EU has banned the use of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB1 and PBDE2 flame-retardants in all EEE put on the EU markets except for certain exempted applications. Beginning July 1, 2006, all products put on the EU markets must comply with the Directive. Non-compliance with RoHS will limit the companies from doing business in EU.

Verifone's Support and Commitment to Compliance with the RoHS and WEEE Directives.

WEEE: In order to provide an equitable and consistent level of support to all of our business partners and customers, Verifone has registered as the producer where it has a legal presence and is directly importing and distributing product to our end customer or partner. Verifone is providing an end-of-life waste management service through an authorized provider. In those EU countries where Verifone does not import but ships to a distribution partner, the importing distribution partner, due to their legal presence and local establishment is responsible for statutory WEEE obligations for those products they import.

RoHS: As a trusted global leader in the secure electronic payment industry, Verifone is committed to addressing the RoHS Directive as part of its corporate Environmental Compliance Program (ECP). Under the Program, Verifone is actively working with industrial partners, suppliers and service providers to comply with all applicable substance legislation worldwide. Verifone's product design focuses on materials substitution and integrating new requirements for supply chain, production procurement and manufacturing process for the RoHS Directive.

How to Recycle Your Verifone Payment Device

For Verifone products sold into the European Union before August 13, 2005, please contact your local municipal waste company for proper disposal instructions.

For Verifone products sold into the European Union after August 13, 2005, please contact your local sales representative (from whom you purchased the product) or the local municipal waste company for proper disposal instructions.

For Verifone products sold outside the European Union, please contact your local municipal waste company for proper disposal instructions. They will help you dispose of these terminals in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.