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FIPay Enterprise

Made for your business needs

  • Maximum security

    A complete data security solution.
  • PCI compliant

    Full PCI compliance means you are protected.
  • Terminal agnostic

    Supports both Verifone and non-Verifone payment terminals.
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Across-the-board flexibility = more choice for your business
FIPay’s server-based solution provides the maximum flexibility to support your business, whether petro, retail, or hospitality. Choose the card brands and payment types you’ll support, whether you connect to one or multiple acquirers. FIPay supports both Verifone and non-Verifone payment terminals.
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Security and flexibility in one customizable solution.
FIPay Enterprise accommodates credit, debit, gift, loyalty, and private label cards from your store. It offers flexibility to connect to over 60 acquirers and supports Verifone and non-Verifone payment devices.
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FIPay Enterprise is an EMV-certified and PCI-compliant, subscription-based service backed by encryption and tokenization, plus access to comprehensive estate management tools and world-class help desk support.
Solution Set
How FIPay Enterprise helps create
End-to-End Solutions

The encryption process obscures account data, encoding it so that it cannot be understood without the corresponding decryption system.


Tokenization completely removes sensitive data from your internal networks, replacing it with a unique identifier, called a token.

Estate Management

Estate Management software allows you to centrally manage all of your payment devices no matter where they’re located.

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