B E C O M E   A   V E R I F O N E   P A R T N E R

Deliver exceptional payment solutions.

Merchants need flexibility to support their needs. Consumers want options. 

With Verifone, you can offer simple, secure and reliable payment solutions to your merchants while creating operational efficiencies for your business.

Our Core Solutions

Hardware Solutions

Transform the point of sale into more meaningful interactions with our next generation of commerce-enabling payment devices.

Managed Services Solutions

Automate the end-to-end operational processes from ordering payment devices and services to accepting payments in-store.

Cloud Services Solutions

 Our cloud-based suite of services make it easy to create newly imagined customer experiences that delight consumers and unleash business insights.


secure platform.


frictionless experience.


  • Centralize Estate Management
  • Minimize Capital Expenditure
  • Simplify Payment Complexities


  • Multiple Deployment Approaches
  • Freedom to Buy the Way You Want
  • Extensive Integration and Processor Support


  • Reduce Risk of Security Breach
  • Remove Sensitive Data from POS
  • Streamline Requirements And Certifications


  • Flexible Architecture for the Future
  • Going Beyond Payments
  • Hardware Update and Replacement

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