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Encryption et tokenisation

Protégez les données sensibles de vos clients.

Verifone assure la sécurisation des données de bout-en-bout.

En combinant le cryptage point à point et la tokenisation des données, la plateforme de Verifone, conforme aux dernières normes réglementaires, permet de lutter contre la fraude et ainsi de garantir une sécurité optimale aussi bien pour les commerçants que les porteurs de cartes.

Une approche globale de la sécurité des paiements

  • Sécurité des paiements

    Acceptez les paiements de façon sécurisée et fiable en réduisant vos coûts tout en étant conforme aux normes réglementaires PCI-DSS.
  • Protection par chiffrement

    Le standard de chiffrement PCI P2PE et nos pratiques contribuent à protéger vos clients et votre marque, tout en réduisant les coûts de conformité.
  • Tokenisation

    Notre service de tokénisation permet d'offrir des paiements simplifiés et des analyses client sans devoir stocker ou traiter des données sensibles.

Carbon helps merchants manage their business and drive revenue by providing personalized, meaningful, customer experiences, beyond just accepting payments.

Verifone’s suite of mobile payment devices enables merchants of all sizes and industries to transform how they engage with customers. Our easy-to-use devices are designed with the latest security and technology, as well as compatibility with multiple operating systems for total investment protection. Our breadth of solutions allows you to scale effortlessly as your business evolves.

  • e355


    Highly flexible mobile payment device adapts to current and next-gen smart devices.

  • e285


    A standalone mobile point of sale device for secure payment acceptance anywhere.

  • e280s mPOS device


    An ultra-flexible mobile payment solution with scanning capabilities.

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one countertop solution or a PIN pad POS device, our range of products are designed with convenience, security, and simplicity in mind. From basic payment acceptance to more advanced features and functionality, these devices provide merchants with the tools and flexibility they need to operate efficiently and effectively.

  • P200


    Affordable, lightweight, durable multi-payment acceptance, high-speed PIN pad.

  • VX 820

    VX 820

    All-inclusive, touchscreen PIN pad with stylish design and high-performance processor.

  • V200c


    Smart, affordable countertop solution wrapped in an elegant design.

Evolve from basic device transactions to direct customer engagement, with fully customizable and scalable point-of-sale payment devices. With space-saving design, large displays capable of running rich multimedia applications in stunning resolution, and advanced commerce capabilities, Verifone multilane devices provide an ideal platform for deploying value-added services, such as loyalty programs and top-up services.

  • M400


    Sleek, multi=media device with advanced commerce and personalization capabilities.

  • MX 915

    MX 915

    Same features as the MX 925, wrapped in a smaller design with 4.3" color display.

  • MX 925

    MX 925

    Rich, elegant, multimedia POS powerhouse with 7” WVGA color display.

Our portable payment solutions deliver the extended coverage and flexibility needed to accept payments anytime, anywhere. Portables are designed for rugged environments, such as restaurants and hotels, where drops and spills are common, as well as transit and outdoor retail where multiple wireless connectivity options are needed.

Whether you’re looking for self-service devices or want to combine customer-operated terminals with traditional point of sale, we can help. Our diverse portfolio of modular payment components—card/contactless readers, PIN pads—are designed to create secure, fast, reliable, and interactive self-service sales installations.

  • ux 300

    UX 300/301

    Increase transaction volume & speed by accepting a variety of card payments.

  • ux 400

    UX 400/401

    Be ready for NFC-enabled payments, quick ID confirmation or other CTLS transactions.

  • ux 410

    UX 410

    Standalone solution that provides secure and reliable NFC payments.

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