VX 675
World’s smallest all-in-one wireless hand-held device

VX 675

Payments on the go

  • Rocketship to symbolize increasing productivity.

    Increase productivity

    Amazing performance and pay-anywhere convenience. It’s the picture of perfection.
  • A wrench and a pencil crosses together to form a letter X

    Purposeful design

    Sleek lines and elegant features, wrapped in a drop-resistant case for added durability.
  • Padlock in front of a shield

    Maximum security

    Equipped with multi-layered security for greater peace of mind.

THE VX 675 FEATURES a crisp, colour display that supports graphics and videos, as well as an integrated thermal printer. It’s ideal for hospitality, delivery, or any other business seeking an on-the-go solution.

Three circles with different patterns to show multiple colors

Colour display

Computer processor part

Powerful processor

Battery with a lightning symbol to show a charging battery

Long-lasting battery

vx 675

Long-range wireless payment supported by full 3G capabilities—for connectivity anywhere. Accommodates card-based and optional, integrated contactless and NFC-based payments. Accepts EMV smart card transactions.

vx 675
vx 675 on a countertop

The VX 675 is PCI PTS 3.0 and EMV certified, as well as tamper-resistant for physical protection. Optional charge-only and full-feature base stations are available for greater flexibility and extended use.

Cell phone emitting signals to make a payment

NFC/CTLS enabled

EMV Chip

EMV Chip

Credit card being swiped on a POS device

MSR enabled






Base: 131mm L × 84mm W × 42mm H | Terminal: 163mm L × 78mm W × 52mm H


2.8" QVGA


192MB (128MB Flash, 64MB SDRAM)

Operating System


Payment Acceptance Types

EMV | Landed smart card | MSR | NFC/CTLS


400 MHz, ARM11 32-bit RISC processor


PCI PTS 3.x approved

Thermal Printer

30 lps, 40mm paper roll