UX 300
Dependability meets durability

UX 300/301

Secure card reader/controller with a rugged design

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    Unparalleled versatility

    Consider it the heart of your payment system. The UX 300/301 accepts MSR, EMV, or contactless payment types, independent of PIN-based transactions.
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    Purposeful design

    The dependable and weatherproof anti-vandalism enclosure provides maximum protection against the elements.
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    Maximum security

    Tamper-resistant and comes with PCI 4.X and UKCC security standard certification.
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Built for success in the most challenging environments.

THIS VERSATILE, SELF-SERVICE solution provides secure and reliable transactions ideal for vending machines, public transportation, and other unattended, high-transaction-volume environments.

Diamond to represent durability

Extreme durability

Four puzzle pieces with the fourth piece fitting in perfect

Seamless integration

Memory chip

Ample Memory

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Programmed to read most bank cards, EMV chip cards and mag-stripe cards, the hybrid card reader can work alone or in combination with UX Series PIN pad and NFC-reader options.

Beyond transactions, the UX 300/301 supports MDB standards, helping collect data for better control and decision-making. Its flexible communications options include Board PSN, MDB, serial, and USB.

EMV chip

EMV & MSR enabled

Credit card being swiped on a POS device

Low power

Computer processor part

Powerful processor




UX 300: Dialup (optional), Ethernet, 2G (optional), LAN 100Mbit, USB-Slave, RS232, USB-Master; Optional MDB, RS485, GPRS, PSTN, ISDN, 4X USB-Master, 2nd LAN | UX 301: Ethernet, LAN 100Mbit, USB-slave, RS232, 2X USB-master, Optional MDB


UX 301: 102mm L × 97mm W × 67mm H (Physical) | UX 300: 150mm L × 96mm W × 71mm H (Physical) | UX 300/301: 73.2mm × 61.2mm (Cut-out)


Optional with UX 100


384MB (256MB Flash, 128MB SDRAM)

Operating System

V/OS (Linux-based)

Payment Acceptance Types

EMV | MSR | NFC/CTLS (optional with UX 400/401)


400 MHz, ARM11 32-bit RISC processor


PCI PTS 4.x approved

Solution Set
How the UX 300/301 helps create
End-to-End Solutions
ux 300
UX 300/301

Secure card reader and controller.

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Estate Management

Ensure your payment terminals are always ready to support your business with our centralised terminal management system.

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