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About Us

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For over 35 years, we’ve been making history. Now, we’re creating the future.



On April 14, 1981, in Honolulu, Hawaii, William “Bill” Melton incorporated his new tech company. His original intention was to provide a recourse for retailers who’d been swindled by people handing out bad cheques. His product was a kind of verification device using phone lines—a verification phone.

But he soon pivoted. The credit card industry was relatively new at the time and processing was still being done with carbon paper. Bill saw a way to reduce costs for companies like Visa and MasterCard, while capitalising on his new technology. Instead of verifying cheques, he would  provide local businesses a means to electronically process credit card payments. And thus, the Verifone payment device was born.

Now, Verifone is one of the world’s largest POS terminal vendors and a leading provider of payment and commerce solutions. We operate in more than 150 countries and employ nearly 6,000 people globally. Our steady growth has come organically, through a dedication to innovation and strategic partnerships, as well as from savvy acquisitions.

As a global company, we have headquarters representing each of our core global areas of operation: San Jose, California; London, U.K.; Singapore; and Miami, Florida. We're dedicated to supporting local markets and needs with a direct presence in more than 45 countries.

Our South African subsidiary supports point-of-sale systems in banking, retail, petroleum and other vertical markets in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean islands through hardware, value-added services and developed estate management solutions.

Verifone South Africa is a 100% owned subsidiary of Verifone Systems Inc. which originated via the buyout of Destiny Electronic Commerce (CSC) in July 2011. Prior to this CSC was the sole Verifone accredited partner in South Africa and a leading provider of secure payment technologies, services and solutions at the point-of-sale for over 19 years.

Transaction on Verifone terminal
7.6 B
transactions processed annually

At the core of the Verifone payment ecosystem is our secure, scalable framework. Our commitment to open standards fosters global collaboration through innumerable channels. Our hardware and software architecture, in conjunction with new development tools, enable more efficient integration. And new partnerships with some of the most progressive companies in payments and commerce further drive innovation and expansion.

The true measure of our framework is the long-term value of the connected solutions we create. The result is a world-class platform capable of supporting the ingenuity that’s constantly shaping the future of commerce.

Our vision is to securely connect the devices within our payment ecosystem to cloud-based services whenever and wherever possible. Verifone enables two-way connected communications between merchants and consumers—POS systems can help grow sales and customer loyalty through targeted media, omnichannel experiences, and exciting new commerce solutions.

The path forward is in providing holistic payment solutions for businesses large and small

Payments, commerce, and personal communications are converging. The experiences of shopping online and shopping in-store are converging as well. The next generation of Verifone devices are ready for this new reality. With our value-added services, we can take the POS to incredible new levels—furthering an automated world that syncs perfectly with the devices we use every day.

With two-way connected communications, POS systems can help grow sales and customer loyalty through targeted media, omnichannel experiences and exciting new commerce solutions.

We never forget that this multinational corporation started on a beach, by a guy that just wanted to help his local merchants. Our devices continue to help out local merchants—providing them the same quality products with the same engagement potential as the big guys. In the past, it used to cost millions of dollars and months of time to develop customized applications for POS devices—but not anymore.

Now, instead of money and resources, it’s ingenuity and innovation that sets merchants apart. And that has become our driving force. We want merchants to grow because they have great ideas and the passion to execute them. We want the only limitation to be the capacity of imagination.