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NFC is Winning in Germany

Markus Hövekamp
General Manager, Germany
Executive Summary
Despite Germany’s cash-centric culture, paying via NFC is steadily on the rise.

In fact, 60% of retailers offer NFC payment in Germany.

Germans like to pay in cash. For a long time, this was undisputed. However, in the last few years, consumers increasingly appreciate the benefits of electronic payments. Consumers demand fast, secure and quick transactions—they want convenience. The growing prevalence of NFC in Germany meets this need perfectly: no more annoying queues, no more tiresome search for coins, and—with NFC—no need for a wallet at all.

67 %
of retailers are open to integrating NFC
6 M
mobile phones are enabled for NFC
27 M
payment cards are enabled for NFC

German retailers are recognizing the opportunities contactless payments provide. By the end of 2016, 60% of large retailers will offer NFC payment in Germany. Of the remaining, two-thirds are open to integrating NFC in their payment infrastructure in the near future. Grocery stores particularly favor this technology—all multi-lane grocers in Germany have invested in contactless payment solutions.

German retailers are recognizing the opportunities contactless payments provide.

And on the consumer side? Germans are getting contactless-savvy as well. Around 6 million mobile phones and 27 million payment cards are enabled for NFC. Although the actual number of contactless payment transactions is still modest, millennials are particularly interested in purchasing with “tap and go.”

To convince more reserved shoppers, it is crucial for retailers to make the NFC option easily accessible. We recommend keeping four things in mind:

  1. Consumers need to be informed – make sure to promote the NFC option with clear signage.

  2. Shoppers don’t like to search – invest in payment terminals with prominent NFC-readers.

  3. Buyers need orientation – easy-to-follow instructions on terminal displays help to build up trust in NFC.

  4. Shoppers expect service – trained staff is essential for questions and feedback.


For more interesting numbers, development forecasts, and expert opinions on contactless payment in Germany and Europe, feel free to take a closer look at our brand new trend report (in German).