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Start accepting online payments today.

Verifone Pay by Link

Quick and convenient custom payment links

  • Perfect for Retail Shops,

    Sales associates and small business owners actively engage with their customers, in and out of the store. Secure the sale and provide customer convenience by sending your customers a secure payment link to pay for goods and services wherever they are.
  • Cafes, Pubs, Restaurants,

    Optimize and strengthen your catering and takeout business. Ideal for custom and one-off orders, accept payments securely for your customers ordering by phone or email and enrich the customer experience with the added payment flexibility.
  • And Call Centers

    Make every touchpoint a saleable opportunity. Collect payments securely from your customers while maintaining the established rapport with your service representatives, giving customers peace of mind by having them enter their specific payment details.

There's no need to have a web developer on your staff to implement this quick payment method. Verifone Pay by Link requires minimal setup and integration effort and, with its intuitive GUI, is easily used by non-technical staff. You can customize the link and even include revenue-building, customer-attracting Advanced Payment Methods like Klarna, PayPal, Venmo, and cryptocurrency. Customer forgot their payment card or digital wallet? Easily secure the sale by providing a payment link for customers to comfortably complete their purchase later knowing their products have been reserved for them in the store.

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Minimal Integration

New ways to pay

Cart Rescue

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Generate custom payment links without the need to have an online web shop.

Easy, intuitive screens quickly help you create a secure payment link for your customers. Your customer receives their payment link to enter their payment details from the convenience and privacy of their own device and complete their purchase.

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It's Verifone. It's safe. Personal cardholder data is managed on the back-end by Verifone - helping you stay focused on your business and out of the payment security business. Manage all of your transactions through a single portal that provides access to real-time data views, instant authorizations, payment confirmations, and follow-ups through the life of the link.

Pay by Link is perfect for SMBs looking to expand into the online space or those desiring to change their CMS platform.


safe and secure

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We make it easy.
Easy Configuration

Create links from the Verifone dashboard and configure everything from payment methods to link expiration dates.

Easy Communication

Send SMS or email payment links straight from your dashboard. Copy the links and share them on any communication channel.

Easy Management

You can easily manage customer payments, track the status of the link, confirm payment receipt, or follow up with customers if needed.

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