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shopper makes a purchase online on Living Spaces website and checked out using Buy with PayPal button
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Living Spaces Accepts PayPal

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ATLANTA – March 24, 2022:  Leading home furnishings retailer Living Spaces enabled PayPal payments on its website by connecting to Verifone’s Cloud Services and Advanced Payment Method (APM) platform at the end of last year, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Once live, consumers immediately recognized and began using this fast, secure and familiar payment option. 

Verifone’s Cloud Services solution gives merchants the ability to provide a seamless and secure payment experience online, in-app and in-store. Core components of Verifone’s Cloud Services suite are card-not-present services like eCommerce processing, APM processing/settlement, Pay-by-Link, shopping carts, tokenization, and merchant of record services. Verifone’s card-present and card-not-present services form a robust omnichannel offering, which is currently leveraged by thousands of merchants for payment services.

woman shopping on her mobile phone and paying using the latest alternative payment methods

Whether you’re exclusively online, brick-and-mortar, or both, Verifone enables a modern, omnichannel payment architecture

Jeremy Belostock Head of Advanced Payment Methods

Living Spaces chose Verifone’s Cloud Services to enable APMs, including PayPal, because of Verifone’s growing library of APMs – currently spanning all global and local favorites in terms of digital wallets and Buy Now Pay Later options, the ease of implementation, and the omnichannel benefits that will cut across the Verifone terminals in-store. By partnering with Verifone, Living Spaces was able to integrate and go live with PayPal in just under six weeks. The market reception was highly positive, as visitors instantly generated an uptick in use, barely minutes after going live.

APMs like PayPal have become increasingly important to brands as they aim to enable frictionless payment experiences for their customers. However, supporting a multitude of APM offerings for payment apps, crypto and BNPL across multiple digital and brick and mortar platforms can be daunting. Verifone’s APM platform simplifies support by enabling multiple APM tender types through a single integration. 

“Whether you’re exclusively online, brick-and-mortar, or both, Verifone enables a modern, omnichannel payment architecture,” said Jeremy Belostock, Head of Advanced Payment Methods. “Large enterprise and SMB merchants alike can rapidly implement the newest and most popular APMs with just one integration, supporting their efforts to improve the customer experience, and boosting checkout conversion rates in the process. And with these payment methods implemented online and instore, merchants can do advanced omnichannel functions like Buy-Online-Return-in-Store with APMs, and utilize common reporting and analytics across channels, for optimized and timely business decisions and forecasts.”

Retailers who wish to upgrade their current payment infrastructure or who just want to begin offering PayPal and other Advanced Payment Methods on their digital platform, should Contact Verifone at

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