Meet the Verifone C18

Experience the power of versatility: Elevate your success with next-level solutions through our dynamic POS system.

POS + Self-Checkout = One Powerful System

The Verifone C18 seamlessly integrates to your existing Verifone convenience retail and petroleum environment. 

Industry-Leading POS

Empower your employees to succeed. Boost efficiency and expedite transactions with lightning-fast processing capabilities.

Modern and intuitive UI for easy adoption

Customizable to meet your business needs

Integrates with Verifone Site Controller and favorite Verifone POS systems

Supports NACS TruAge for age-restricted merchandise

Customer Self-Checkout

With a flip of a screen, improve store productivity and increase customer throughput by using C18 as a self-checkout.

Create an engaging self-checkout experience

Customer can pay for gas and merchandise

Integrates with popular cash acceptors

Supports NACS TruAge for age-restricted merchandise

Insights from Other Merchants Who've Adopted C18

POS Review

POS Review

Self-Checkout Review

Self-Checkout Review

"The Verifone C18 has completely transformed our checkout process! Cashiers love how intuitive and efficient the system is, making their job a breeze."

"The C18 has truly exceeded our expectations. Our cashiers find it incredibly easy to navigate, and its robust features have significantly reduced errors at the checkout. It's the backbone of our retail operations."

"It's intuitive, easy to use, and speeds up the checkout process during peak hours. Our customers appreciate the option to self-checkout, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

"The self-checkout experience with C18 is seamless and hassle-free. Customers love the convenience it offers, and we've seen a significant increase in satisfaction levels since implementing it. It's a win-win for both our customers and our business."

Sandra, Store Manager

Rachel, Retail Operations Manager

David, Store Owner

Alex, Store Manager

Count on Verifone: Your Trusted Brand for Reliable Solutions

We've made significant strides in the petroleum and convenience retail industry with over 50,000 Verifone Commander site controllers deployed in the United States.

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