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local restaurant serving customers and facilitating checkout using Verifone payment solutions
Leveling the Playing Field

Solutions for Small Businesses

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Verifone proudly partners with small businesses worldwide and our wide range of payment solutions can help establishments deliver simple, fast, and secure experiences at the point of sale. We want to help businesses thrive and offer seamless ways for their customers to pay by leveraging the latest available technologies to deliver a unified commerce experience in physical and digital spaces. 

In-Store Payment Solutions 

Today’s consumers demand convenience and excellent customer service at the point of sale.

Verifone has designed SMB packages that offer subscription-based, all-in-one solutions specifically for small to medium business operators. Whether you are looking for a countertop payment device, a mobile point of sale, or are looking to venture into the online space, we have the perfect combination to get you there.  

Online & App 

Whether you're taking payments on your website or in-app, our full suite of eCommerce solutions can help you drive conversion, minimize basket abandonments, reduce PCI compliance costs, and process payments securely. 

Businesses of all sizes are competing in a dense market. Your digital properties play a crucial role in today’s landscape… so why not monetize every avenue your customers interact with? Simplify the way your customers shop your brand and offer seamless eCommerce checkout each and every time.

cafe customer paying with a contactless credit card on a V400m

Whatever your payment needs, we have the perfect combination to get you there.

Unified Commerce 

Omnichannel continues to drive the new normal, forcing many businesses to quickly adapt. Buy online, pick-up in-store (BOPIS) and buy online, return in-store (BORIS) are just a few ways that close the loop between physical and digital experiences.  

With Verifone you can transform your customer journey and experience. Consumers want to choose how and when they shop, whether in-store, online, and/or mobile. They expect an engaging experience that is fast, frictionless, safe, and reliable - that will help you to drive repeat visits and get them spending more. As the market-leading omnichannel payment service provider, Verifone is here to address all these needs and more.  

Get in touch with us today to discuss your payment options and investing in the growth of your business! 

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