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Verifone Connect
Highly flexible, all-in-one business solution

Connecting Merchants to Growth

Abizar Vakharia
Senior Vice President of Global Solutions, Verifone
Verifone Connect
Trying to make sense of multiple payment tools distracts merchants from growing their business and engaging customers.

With Verifone Connect, merchants can get out of the ‘payments business’ and instead focus on growth and building lasting relationships with their customers.

The abundance of innovative payment technologies is no secret to merchants and payment service providers; however, in today’s rapidly advancing commerce ecosystem, driving revenue and streamlining operations is just as important to them as being able to accept the latest payment methods. This puts enormous pressure on merchants and industry stakeholders, as the process of purchasing, installing and managing technologies that can meet all of these needs involves tremendous time and resources—often at the cost of growth, customer service and future innovation.

At NRF 2018, Verifone will demonstrate how it is solving these challenges for its partners and retail clients with Verifone Connect—a highly flexible offering that combines Verifone’s extensive suite of payment services and products into a flexible, all-in-one business solution.

Merchants are busy people. Trying to make sense of multiple, unintegrated tools is a distraction from what really matters—engaging their customers and growing their businesses. With Verifone Connect, all of those discrete pieces are brought together into a single, integrated solution that enables them to manage all aspects of their business and delight their customers, whatever their scale.

Right out of the box, merchants and payment service providers can use this future-proof solution to:

  • Download payment and non-payment apps from Verifone’s new Merchant Marketplace, and seamlessly integrate them with their devices. This simplifies the ability to configure the POS as business and consumer needs change with apps for customer engagement, promotions and loyalty programs, as well as apps that streamline payroll, inventory management and other backend operations.
  • Remotely monitor, troubleshoot, and update all payment devices through the cloud with Estate Manager, Verifone’s comprehensive end-to-end estate management portal.
  • Ensure faster, secure transactions with advanced encryption and tokenization and Verifone’s fleet of secure gateways to protect sensitive payment data. Verifone’s terminal-to-processor infrastructure, Point, connects terminals directly to multiple processors—providing complete liability protection. And, for tier I and omni-channel retailers, Verifone RTS provides a single payment processing engine that supports all payment types across multiple sales channels.

By consolidating all of these offerings into a single, easy-to-use solution, Verifone Connect provides much more than payment acceptance. It helps merchants and payment service providers grow, better manage all aspects of their businesses and nimbly adapt to whatever the future has in store.

Now, merchants can get out of the ‘payments business’ and instead focus on growth and building lasting relationships with their customers.

To learn more about Verifone Connect and how we are making life easier for our partners and retailers around the globe, visit us at NRF 2018 (booth #3345).

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