Amsterdam Money20/20 Europe

Money20/20 Europe

June 4 - June 6

Carbon Mobile 5

Accelerate Business: Mobility + Payment + Commerce

Nathan Gill, Vice President, Head of Services Verifone Europe
Money20/20 Europe

Solving Merchant Challenges

Join us in Amsterdam (Stand D80) at Money20/20 Europe to demo how we work with merchant service providers to create interesting, immersive and engaging experiences for on-the-go consumers whose expectations continue to be influenced by their online activities. Verifone offers end-to-end payment solutions that solve merchant challenges and make it simple for time-starved businesses to manage needs like inventory, payroll, and drive customer engagement with loyalty and personalization in store. A global innovator in payments and commerce, Verifone continues to lead the way in reducing payment complexity and allowing consumers to pay the way they want to pay.

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