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The Challenge
To enable electronic payments in Polish taxis

People in Poland use contactless payments more every year, and expect the option in all places where they can use a card—including a cab

The taxi industry in Poland is fragmented and highly competitive. Across the country, there are over 1,600 companies providing passenger transport services, and the number of cabs is estimated at over 50,000. Taxis in Poland have traditionally dealt in cash, but as the Polish market of electronic payments continues to grow, the value of electronic transactions increases.

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Verifone implemented TAXI360, which includes a portable payment terminal (VX 680), TAXI360 customer cards, TAXI360 electronic vouchers, and an administrative portal.

The VX 680 allows drivers to accept electronic payments made by credit and debit cards, including contactless cards, as well as mobile wallets and payment applications. The terminal also accepts TAXI360 customer cards and TAXI360 electronic vouchers.

TAXI360 customer cards are available as a non-cash card settled after the end of the month based on the VAT invoice or in the form of a prepaid card. Cards can be protected with individual PIN numbers.

TAXI360 electronic vouchers include an eight-digit code generated in the administration portal, which should be entered in the payment terminal to make cashless payments for the journey. It is a convenient solution if you need a non-cash settlement of incidental business trips.

In the first 17 months of the TAXI360 system launch in Poland, more than 2,300 taxis joined.

The administration portal is an online reporting system for companies cooperating with taxi corporations in the field of business trips for their employees and guests. The portal includes information on all non-cash transactions performed by employees within TAXI360 payment system. The system enables convenient monitoring of costs and allows the user to manage TAXI360 customer cards and vouchers. The user can set limits on the cards, lock and unlock cards, or generate vouchers and reports.

Taxi associations and corporations that wish to join TAXI360 will sign an agreement with Verifone. As part of the installation of Verifone terminals, the company provides training for drivers, who also receive instructional materials (manuals for terminal and payment application) and information (stickers and other materials to be placed inside and outside the cab). Verifone also provides services including remote management of software updates and a helpline/technical support resource for drivers and beneficiaries of TAXI360 customer cards.

Drivers using the TAXI360 system can now offer passengers freedom of payment choice. TAXI360 corporations and associations have noted constant growth of electronic payments—every month, tens of thousands of transactions take place and over 60% of these are contactless. Accepting electronic payments is still not a standard among Polish taxi corporations, so the TAXI360 system can easily build a competitive advantage and gain more passengers for those that use it. Drivers appreciate the convenience and functionality of the TAXI360 administrative portal as well.