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Adding value for airlines and passengers

Sky's the limit for Tourvest

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Executive Summary

Inflight shopping is more than airborne retail therapy. For Tourvest Inflight Retail Services (TIRS) it’s about adding value for airlines and passengers.

Inflight shopping is more than airborne retail therapy or a way to break the monotony of long-haul flights. For Tourvest Inflight Retail Services (TIRS) it’s about adding value for airlines and passengers.

Tourvest offers duty free services to a number of international aviation companies that carry a total of 48 million passengers a year on 286 routes globally. The retail travel operator sought to enhance its inflight, duty-free retail solution to provide better service and improved payment functionality.

Tourvest wanted to create a user-friendly inflight retail experience boosted by convenient payments that adhered to the highest global payment security standards. It needed a complete solution that was intuitive, fast and easily accessible for cabin staff and passengers alike, and able to accommodate chip & PIN and contactless payments, as well as loyalty points programs offered by its clients, including a UK-based international airline. 

Tourvest partnered with Verifone Africa to make its broad vision a reality.

Verifone devised a solution, which integrated the point-of-sale application with Tourvest’s duty free shopping catalogue on a tablet device to provide fast, safe and secure card payments.

The solution is comprised of:

  • The e355, a compact, flexible mPOS device from Verifone featuring a barcode scanner and multiple connectivity options.
  • Software reconfiguration for compliance with aviation industry-specific EMV standards for inflight transactions.
  • A wireless, mobile printer that connects to the e355 via Bluetooth to provide passengers immediate proof of purchase in accordance with aviation regulations.
  • A custom-built, sturdy and manoeuvrable frame that combines the e355 and iPad Mini into a single form factor.

The solution also included Verifone’s gateway service for Tourvest's UK-based clients. This managed payment service is pre-accredited with all UK acquirers and fully PCI P2PE certified. Besides simplified PCI management and faster transaction speeds, it provides Tourvest’s clients the ability to track transactions in real-time, manage their terminal estate, perform software updates and view other activity through an online portal.

mpos mobile payment acceptance
With Verifone we have streamlined the end-to-end supply chain for services & goods inflight
Trevor Stevens CIO, Tourvest

Tourvest now has an inflight mPOS solution that improves inflight convenience, and serves as a complete end-to-end management system with streamlined processing. It even integrates with Tourvest’s warehouse management system, meaning better stock control. As a result of the flexibility to accept all forms of payment, Tourvest has since adopted Apple Pay, which it now enables clients to accept for inflight transactions.

“In partnership with Verifone we have managed to streamline the end-to-end supply chain for services and goods inflight. At any given time stock can be traced from warehouse to customer. As a partner, Verifone has an in-depth aviation understanding which has been key in the success of this solution,” says Trevor Stevens, Tourvest Chief Information Officer.    

 “Apple Pay is one of the fastest growing digital wallets in a number of countries, including the UK and North America. Tourvest partnered with Apple in this area to bring mobile innovation into the aviation environment,” says Stevens.

Tourvest has already deployed approximately 2000 enhanced Verifone units to their UK aviation client and around 400 units on flights for a large African Airline. By combining mPOS convenience and portability with secure, flexible payment acceptance, Tourvest is further distinguished as the aviation market’s leading innovative and technologically advanced service provider.

The Technology

Verifone e355:  the compact form factor of the e355 delivers mobile functionality and maximum durability across a variety of environments. It can be used as a standalone device, and pair with multiple generations of iOS, Android and Windows smart devices—providing a long-term mPOS solution that can support future smart device upgrades.
Key features include:

  • Modular design enables countless configurations with devices, frames, stands and cradles
  • Easily snaps into a number of frames designed for different smart devices
  • Truly universal, compatible with iOS, Android & Windows
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi offer greater wireless flexibility and access to services
  • Accepts all payment methods, including EMV, mag-stripe and NFC payments
  • Features an independent power source with a field-replaceable battery so it doesn’t depend on the smart device’s battery
  • Vibrant color display with durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass for maximum durability



Verifone Gateway Service: Verifone's payment gateways provide an ultra-secure transaction-processing solution, delivering a fast, flexible, and scalable payments infrastructure that ensures full protection of sensitive payment data, as well as the flexibility to generate a wide variety of reports and analytical intelligence to improve decision-making and business performance. Key benefits of this managed payment service include:

  • Unrivaled performance through secure, high-speed, connected platforms that unify channels and help transcend global boundaries.
  • Maximum security that minimizes risk with PCI compliant infrastructure, bank grade switches, and encryption.
  • Web-based management and reporting to monitor transaction flow in real-time and access in-depth transaction insights and reports. This also allows for centralized terminal estate management to ensure all devices are properly working and up-to-date with the latest technical standards.


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