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The Challenge
To provide an automatic payment solution that replaces old terminals

Gitec sought minimal integration disruption for their customers and to comply with the current PCI PTS 3.X security standard

Gitec needed to incorporate new operating systems with NFC/CTLS capabilities. Part of the unattended/self-service sector, Gitec needed robust payment devices that complied with mandatory environmental and consumption requirements.

Nonetheless, Gitec needed to keep operations running smoothly in the meantime. So while updating their family of terminals, they sought to maintain a seamless transition for their customers.

After an in-depth review of the different payment providers and solutions available, Gitec chose Verifone. With a firm commitment to the unattended/self-service market, Verifone’s UX Solution offers a series of flexible and robust electronic payment modules. The devices included in the UX family can be easily integrated into machines, kiosks, automated tellers, and more, due to meeting standard physical cut-out dimensions.

The prevailing factors for choosing Verifone were the design of the NFC/CTLS module (with four blue LED indicators) and shorter certification times, compared to competitors, for the available solutions. Additionally, Verifone’s UX Solutions have a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) developed by Gitec, which enables quick and easy integration with the customer’s application. The DLL is pre-certified so integrators do not have to get further approvals with their processors.

Gitec quickly deployed of the UX solutions with the installation of 350 terminals in 150 different locations throughout Spain. One benefit of the implementation has been the extension of the UX range with two new products—the UX 301 and UX 401—giving Gitec the chance to tap into other sectors and increase their database of new customers.

Verifone helped Gitec update their payment solutions for unattended and self-service terminals. The physical format and mechanical integration of the UX solutions have allowed Gitec to significantly reduce time-to-market and development costs.