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Increase ROI at the Point of Sale

Value Added Services

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Value Added Services for Verifone’s Payment as a Service Platform

Every sale has potential way beyond the immediate transaction that’s taking place. We want to help you unlock it.

Leading retailers are using the checkout to add value to customer encounters, in order to boost footfall or traffic, increase average basket values, improve sales revenue and foster long-term loyalty.

To make your point of sale work harder, Verifone’s managed payment service includes a number of ‘value-add’ features that will differentiate your business from the competition. These include: 


Mobile vouchers and services

Smartphones are the perfect platform to drive digital engagement in the bricks-and-mortar environment, as consumers check their mobile more than 200 times each day.

Unlike paper coupons, which can be easily lost or forgotten, shoppers are more likely to use mobile incentive vouchers to redeem special offers and discounts at the checkout – strengthening their loyalty towards your brand. They’re also quicker and more cost-effective for you to produce.

Mobile gift vouchers create further customer retention opportunities, with digital sales, top-ups and refunds adding a new revenue stream alongside existing activities.


Digital loyalty schemes

Why stop at mobile vouchers: with Verifone, you can move your entire loyalty scheme online, to connect with today’s tech-savvy consumers, wherever they shop.

Our solution can integrate with electronic gift cards and loyalty schemes, which customers can redeem through any channel or at any outlet, providing greater convenience.

Plus, going digital gives you the opportunity to unite your e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar reward programmes - to gain a clear view of each customer’s total value to your business. 

£20 b
is spent in the UK by overseas visitors

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Overseas visitors spend around £20 billion in the UK each year. National holidays like China’s Golden Week are bringing more tourists than ever to Britain, hoping to snap up a bargain during their stay.

To make their retail experiences as seamless as possible, and increase the chances of converting a sale, our managed payment service includes a dynamic currency conversion tool – with settlement in GBP, removing all exchange risk.

Providing tourists with the chance to pay in their own currency not only offers them transparency and familiarity; it could increase their basket size, and make them more likely to return on future visits. 

More than anything else, customers want to know their valuable data is being protected.

Real-time fraud screening

More than anything else, customers want to know their valuable data is being protected.

Real-time fraud screening, to monitor transactions and highlight suspicious activity. Can be included as part of our managed payment service. This is particularly important for customer not present transactions, when you’re not there to verify authenticity.

Integrate PayPal payments

There are over 18 million active PayPal accounts in the UK alone – so why not give your customers the opportunity to use theirs?

Particularly for online payments, many consumers prefer to make PayPal transactions, as sensitive cardholder data is not shared with the merchant. In fact, offering PayPal can be a differentiating factor between yourself and a rival business.

With Verifone, you can quickly and seamlessly launch PayPal as an option on your website, integrated alongside other payment methods.  


Pennies – the digital charity box

With cashless payments set to increase by 700 million this year, fewer consumers have loose change available for countertop charity boxes.

Give your customers the chance to donate digitally with Pennies, a digital charity box that enables electronic payments to be rounded up to the nearest pound – or a fixed amount added – for a good cause.

Compatible with online transactions, card terminals and even mobile payments, Pennies is quicker, more secure and less space-consuming than physical charity collection boxes. Businesses already using Pennies have seen up to 50% of customers using the service to give something back.

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