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RBTE 2018 Verifone VP, Head of Solutions, Nathan Gill

RBTE 2018 Highlights

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Watch June Felix, President Verifone Europe and Russia and Nathan Gill, VP, Head of Solutions, discuss Verifone's new and exciting product offerings and how Verifone has evolved to help businesses across the full payment journey.


Video Transcript

June Felix, President, Verifone Europe and Russia

"We have enormous opportunity. We're launching a whole new line of very exciting new platforms and terminals - devices that really make the experience so much more interesting immersive and engaging at retail which is what retailers need. They need to bring their customers in and they need to help those customers feel like they've had a customised experience. All those things are possible through the new technologies we're bringing to the market today."


Craig Piddey, Head of Point of Interaction, Barclaycard

"In terms of not just the learnings from of the market spaces but the ability to develop into them and kind of deliver into them I think from that perspective Verifone bring that kind of viewpoint and also in terms of some of the new technology coming over from the US. We're really keen to develop into the new ADK platform."


Carl Barton, CEO, Secure Retail

"Verifone have become our most important partner and the leading technology in payments hardware and software that we resell. [Verifone are a] fantastic company to work with have been a vert trustworthy partner over the years and we've built the business from zero to 10 million dollars during that period time and over the next few years we hope to double that with Verifone's support."


Nathan Gill, VP, Head of Solutions, Verifone Europe

"I think that our partners our customers the industry needs understand that Verifone is a different company. We're not just selling devices, we are selling an end-to-end solution that helps businesses. We're selling a platform that anybody can develop on quickly and easily and deploy new services and it's incredibly important that everybody understands that that Verifone is relevant in all these different ways, we don't just sell hardware we do so much more."


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