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Device Cleaning Guidelines

How to Clean Verifone Devices

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Keeping your Verifone devices clean may provide a more hygienic and pleasant experience for your customers and employees. As such, please find some tips below:


  • Never spray, coat or pour any liquid, sanitiser, or disinfect directly onto the device
  • Never use bleach, hydrogen peroxide, thinner, trichloroethylene, or ketone-based solvents – they can deteriorate plastic and rubber
  • Refrain from vigorously scrubbing / shaking the terminal(s) to prevent triggering a tamper alert
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): Refrain from vigorously rubbing with a dry towel, or similar actions, which can cause ESD and trigger a tamper alert.

Cleaning & Sanitising:

  1. Turn off your device
  2. Unplug it from power source
  3. Clean it following the instructions below
  4. Once completely dry, reconnect it to power and power up.

Verifone devices should only be gently cleaned to remove dirt, residue or debris using a lightly water-damped, clean microfiber cloth. One or two drops of pH-neutral, non-scrubbing soap may be used. Do not use solvents, harsh detergents, or abrasive cleaners.

After cleaning, the devices may be sanitised using an alcohol-based wipe or appropriate alcohol-based cleaner (approx. 70-90% strength isopropyl alcohol) applied to a microfiber cloth. Apply gently; do not scrub. Isopropyl alcohol applied to a clean microfibre cloth may be used on touch panel displays but never press hard on displays.

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