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Jyothi Foundation India
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Jyothi Foundation India

A wise man once said
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Our journey of corporate social responsibility started with a single decision - to make a difference!

Verifone India started its corporate social responsibility activities in 2016. Verifone Bangalore partnered with the Jyothi Foundation, an NGO that touches the lives of the underprivileged and mentally challenged. The Jyothi Foundation brings with it more than 20 years of experience in the arenas of social welfare and rehabilitation management. Around 40 people reside at their facility located in a remote village, near the town of Hosur, nearly 50 kilometres from our Verifone Bangalore office.

Though the facility is up and running, it’s not easy for the Jyothi Foundation to cater to basic needs like food and medical help without continuous external support.

The Verifone team visited the facility to provide that support and make a difference.

Jyothi Foundation India
20 years
of experience in social welfare and rehab management
residents in their facility located in a remote village

Making a difference

One of the first issues they had was with mobility. The mentally challenged residents had to travel daily around 20 kilometres from the facility to a physiotherapy centre for their treatment. This was a very difficult task for them being in a remote village.

Verifone funded the entire physiotherapy unit with the necessary equipment at the facility, eliminating the need to travel for treatment.

Verifone Jyothi case study

It was difficult for the residents to walk around the facility in the evenings due to power outages.

Light ray of hope

It being in a remote village, power outages were a big issue at the facility. It was difficult for the residents to even walk around the facility in the late evenings due to unscheduled outages.

Verifone equipped the facility with energy-efficient, eco-friendly, custom designed solar lights, as well as a solar roof top water heater, for their needs.  

Verifone also worked towards conducting free medical camps and distributing mobility aids for the residents of the facility, along with supporting the construction of a new campus. Finally, Verifone has and continues to provide funding for food and other medical expenses.


The goal to make a difference continues on. We were eager to extend our outreach to adopting rural schools. Typically in remote Indian villages, the school plays an important role in bringing the villagers together. Most of these schools do not have proper support in terms of infrastructure and educational aids. The teachers and the students are often disconnected from the mainstream.

As part of our visits to the rural schools, we were amazed to witness the dedication and emotional attachment of the teachers. In one of the cases, the village didn’t have any means of transportation for the students at a predictable time. The teachers were so focused on their  students that they travelled 34 kilometres every day from a nearby village. Being part of a small school in a remote village, the two teachers (a headmaster and a class teacher) play the roles of cook, cleaner, administrator, and caretaker, in addition to teaching multiple classes.

It was very touching to know that the teachers used to bring vegetables and groceries every day to the school to cook meals for the students. We saw the eagerness to teach and willingness to sacrifice for students’ welfare, even without proper infrastructure and educational materials. 

Our commitment to support this rural school is ON! This is another area where our teams can go and make a difference.

After having multiple meetings with this school, a few areas where we plan to make a difference include:

  • Infrastructure support
  • Setting up a library
  • Designing and providing uniforms
  • Providing digital educational equipment
  • Medical camps for early interventions
  • Arts and sports carnivals
  • Rural awareness programs


We continue to support the Jyothi Foundation in 2017, in terms of providing them with basic needs of food and medical support, along with help in procuring a transportation vehicle for the foundation.

We intend to make this a bigger movement involving members across the various teams in Bangalore and the rest of India. We also plan to have more fundraising events to further expand the reach.

At 99ºC, water is very hot, and at 100ºC, it boils. With boiling water comes steam, and that steam can power a locomotive. The point being—one extra degree makes a difference! We want to be that extra degree that makes a difference!

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