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Gruppo Cremonini

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The Challenge
To enable all forms of card acceptance, including chip and PIN, mag stripe, and contactless card or NFC smartphone.

Gruppo Cremonini was searching for an innovative and intuitive payment solution, and their customers required flexibility, easy integration, and security.

Verifone and MasterCard are working together to evolve the Italian payments industry, bringing NFC/CTLS acceptance to the restaurants of Gruppo Cremonini—a group that includes the brands Chef Express, Moka, Mr Panino, and Roadhouse Grill.

restaurants outfitted with

Verifone provided the 350 restaurants of Gruppo Cremonini with 650 VX 820 PIN pads and 200 portable VX 680 payment devices, all equipped with an integrated NFC/CTLS reader and touch display for signature capture.

Verifone and MasterCard PayPass™ provided fast, secure payment transactions by card and smartphone.

With a secure physical mount, the VX 820 PIN pad is customer-facing for easy interaction. The VX units also adhere to the latest PCI PTS security standards. With direct cash register integration and import exchange, there’s no room for human error. Customers can pay quicker than ever by simply tapping their contactless card or NFC-enabled mobile device to the Verifone units.

Verifone, in partnership with MasterCard PayPass™ technology, provides fast and secure payment transactions by card and smartphone with immediate confirmation provided to the customer. Transactions are accepted in seconds for amounts of 25 EUR or less, with no PIN entry required.

The benefits of Verifone’s solution include: cashless transactions via card or smartphone, secure payment devices with PCI PTS 3.0 certification, touch color display for signature capture, cash system integration, and direct import exchange.