Global Engineering

Senior Software Engineer -FrontEnd


About Dimebox-Verifone

We used to be a small company named Dimebox, founded in 2014 to challenge the payments industry with innovative technology that merchants and financial institutions could use to process online payments in a way that was fit for the modern age. We created a future-proof platform that could grow with the evolving needs of today’s market.
In late 2018 we were acquired by Verifone, one of the largest payment technology companies in the world. Their focus was originally mainly on the payment terminals you see in most shops, but with the acquisition of Dimebox they are expanding their foothold in the online payments sector. In 2020 Verifone acquired 2CO with niche products in the ePayments ecosystem. eCommerce within Verifone is growing and on its way to become a solid competitor offering solutions to the market next to the current big players.


  • Designing and implementing the perfect user touchpoint for our platform by creating a UX that users love and that makes all of the platform’s functionalities shine.
  • Evaluate mockups with designers and breathe life into them
  • Enhance our current Angular-based products
  • Maintaining the current stack by researching the evolving front-end tech space, proposing and implementing new best practices.
  • Create data visualizations that give our clients hands-on insights to fix their payment problems
  • Making the best use of data visualization tools such as D3, DC & other charting frameworks.


  • Have a strong foundation of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript
  • Comfortable with CSS3 features such as Flexbox, Grid, Animations
  • Minimum 3 years of experience with Angular, Current version 8
  • Comfortable with reactive programming techniques and TypeScript 
  • Experience with building SPA and consuming (RESTful) APIs
  • Maintain a high standard for creating secure and clean code, as well as applying re-use and optimization skills
  • Experience with managing CSS at scale with tools such as CSS preprocessors (SASS, LESS, Stylus ...) and methodologies such as Atomic design, BEM.
  • Knowledge with Docker, NodeJs is a plus.
  • You have worked with RxJS and understand design patterns.
  • Having experience with Node and npm, and the Angular CLI would be an advantage too in building toolchains.
  • You know the ins- and outs- of effective CI and CD (e.g builds, pipelines, branching strategy) processes in a modular, decomposed architecture.
  • Having hands-on experience with build systems like Jenkins is a plus
  • As a Frontend Developer, you'll use Angular, TypeScript, and JavaScript ES6 to create the best omnichannel user experiences.
  • You will also have the opportunity to craft HTML templates and write SASS using our Verifone Design System based on Bootstrap.
  • We love clean, testable, and maintainable code that is cross-browser compatible.
  • You are part of a multidisciplinary team being end-to-end responsible for delivery, from concept to production-ready software.

How we work:

We are active people, working together with others who are different and willing to make a difference. We love people that want to learn about payments. Working here combines an autonomous workstyle with cooperative teamwork with people from diverse backgrounds. Every Friday we have another Knowledge Sharing session, with topics from marketing to fraud and machine learning to global partnerships. One day you’ll host your own knowledge session to help the rest of us understand something you know everything about!

What we’re doing:

Dimebox delivers new payment technology that is designed to blow legacy solutions out of the water. Ecommerce businesses need a payment platform that offers complete control of the whole payment journey from a single touchpoint. That’s why we work on creating deep data insights, a rock-solid, scalable architecture, and build global integrations with payment methods and banks. Combine that with the highest security and reliability standards and you get an idea of the type of work that our developers do. We’re always looking for the best stack, the best way to scale, and the practices that make sure our platform performs to the standards of giant global clients that process millions of transactions every day.

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