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Verifone adds multi-purpose camera to portable POS

New V240m features

Press Release

Designed to support on-the-go small and mid-sized business merchants (SMBs), Verifone introduces a built-in camera/scanner for the Verifone Engage V240m.

The camera expands the already powerful V240m portable solution to be capable of payment acceptance, image capture, and QR / barcode scanning at checkout. 

From retail shops to restaurants, police departments to airports, the V240m camera empowers a wide range of SMBs to accept a growing variety of payment types and images. In addition to traditional credit card payments, the built-in camera scans printed or digital barcodes from coupons, loyalty cards, vouchers, mobile wallets and QR codes like Alipay and Groupon. Additionally, the camera conveniently captures images such as identity cards, bank checks and even license plates. All these activities help to improve both merchant and customer experiences, boost loyalty, and offer opportunities to increase revenue.

The first-out use cases this year will be in Spain for issuing tax refunds, Norway for inventory scanning, Chile for barcode scanning, and Malaysia for Alipay support. 

As part of the Engage platform, the V240m can be paired with Verifone Cloud Services. By connecting merchants to our cloud-based suite of services we make it easy to create newly imagined customer experiences that delight consumers, unleash business insights and help merchants shape the customer journey beyond the point of sale.

Introduced last year, the V240m is a cost-effective, durable and easy-to-use portable with a large 3.5” capacitive touchscreen, digital signature capabilities, and stunning HVGA resolution for new commerce opportunities. With multiple connectivity options and ample memory to support rich multimedia apps, in addition to the integrated scanner, the V240m device is an unsurpassed solution for merchants.

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