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Verifone Systems, Inc.
88 West Plumeria Drive
San Jose, CA 95134

Toll-free: 1-800-Verifone (837-4366)
Tel: +1 408-232-7800, Fax: +1 408-232-7811

Sales Contacts
Point of Sale Systems: 1-408-232-7800

Petro/C-store: 1-888-297-7604 
8am-7pm, M-F, EST

PC Software Sales: 1-800-725-9264 
9am-6pm, M-F, EST

Taxi Systems: 1-718-752-1656 Ext. 228

Taxi and Petro Media: 1-888-829-2867

Paper Rolls, Accessories: 1-408-232-7800

Verifone Mobile Solutions: 1-866-853-7600
9am-5:30pm, M-F EST


Many customers are supported by Verifone Partners and Resellers, and we encourage you to contact these organizations for first-line support.

Self-service Support Website:

Primary Support Helpdesk: 1-800-837-4366
9am-8pm, M-F, EST 

Petro/C-Store Support: 1-800-519-7225

Verifone Mobile Solutions: 1-800-839-0947
24/7 support

Taxi Systems: 1-888-432-7031

Repair Status: 1-800-834-9133
Option 4, Option 2
8am-7pm, M-F, EST

PCCharge Technical Support:
8am-10pm Mon- Sat and Closed on Sunday

Advanced Product Support Group:
(PAYware Transact/RiTA & JCharge)
8am-6pm, M-F, EST


Verifone, Inc.
Royal Center 4
11700 Great Oaks Way
Suite 210
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Verifone, Inc. - Petroleum/C-store products
300 South Park Place Blvd.
Suite 100
Clearwater, FL 33759

Verifone, Inc.
1401 Aviation Blvd.
Lincoln, CA 95648-9389

Verifone, Inc.
1400 West Stanford Ranch Road
Rocklin, CA 95765