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A brand new payment ecosystem

App Marketplace

Download a wide range of applications to customize the point of sale and open the door to new possibilities.

Streamline business and elevate the customer experience
App Marketplace

With the App Marketplace, merchants and acquirers can easily and quickly customize the point of sale by downloading third-party or proprietary apps without recertifying the device. Improve business operations with enhanced POS functionality, like inventory and reporting, or personalize the shopping experience with loyalty rewards and product recommendations.

Endless possibilities (open architecture, APIs)
years of Linux experience—for speed and flexibility
App Marketplace Devices


Verifone Engage is a family of interactive, commerce-enabling payment devices that allow merchants to connect with customers in new ways. Packed with features, functionality, and versatility, Engage leverages the power and performance of our flexible open architecture to transform the POS into rich, two-way conversations.

  • p400

    Advanced, high performance PIN pad with rich multimedia and commerce capabilities.

  • p200

    Affordable, lightweight, durable multi-payment acceptance, high-speed PIN pad.

  • m400

    Sleek, multilane POS device with advanced commerce and personalization capabilities.

  • v200c

    Smart, affordable, all-in-one countertop solution wrapped in an elegant design.

  • V400m

    All in one connectivity enables absolute portability.

  • e355

    Highly flexible mPOS device adapts to current- and next generation smart devices.


Verifone Carbon is a smart business engine designed to boost commerce—from marketing to inventory to customer loyalty and, of course, payments. Its integrated design features dual screens and the flexibility to act as a full-featured countertop or portable POS solution. And, with access to Verifone’s App Marketplace, businesses can extend their reach like never before.

  • Carbon 10
    Carbon 10

    Carbon opens up new opportunities for merchants and better experiences for customers.

  • Carbon 8 image
    Carbon 8

    Carbon 8 provides meaningful experiences at the counter and on the go.

Multilane, Portables, Countertops

Verifone’s App Marketplace is available on all next-generation devices, such as Engage and Carbon, and is also compatible with enhanced VX and MX devices that have ADK and >64MB RAM memory. By enabling App Marketplace across new and legacy devices, merchants can take advantage of cutting-edge commerce solutions on today’s and tomorrow’s payment devices.

  • mx 915
    MX 915

    Same features as the MX 925, wrapped in a smaller design with 4.3" color display.

  • mx 925
    MX 925

    Rich, elegant, multimedia POS powerhouse with 7” WVGA color display.

  • vx680
    VX 680

    Delivers wireless connection through GPRS, WiFi/Bluetooth combo, or 3G.

  • vx690
    VX 690

    On-the-go, integrated, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi enabled payment solution.

  • VX 820
    VX 820

    All-inclusive, touchscreen PIN pad with stylish design and high-performance processor.

  • vx 820 duet
    VX 820 duet

    A dual-user, feature-rich countertop POS that meets merchant and consumer needs.

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